Monday, October 13, 2008

Say CHEESE! Okay, these are not my best pictures, but I was going for an up close look at my new straight teeth! I got my braces off on September 10th. I just now got time to show everyone my new teeth. Those that knew me with my very crooked bottom teeth, will now see me smile with confidence. The braces were worth it and I only had them on for 16 months! I was so lucky! And no headgear or neon rubber bands! Now I just need to whiten these babies up a bit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Savvy Lou's Birthday! The big 4! We started off with going to school and passing out birthday treats for all of the kids in her classs. Then we had a family party at the house with just Greg, me, Griffin and her and gave her all of the family gifts, including the ones from the grandparents. Then we had her officially birthday party at The Bear Mill (like Build a Bear). They had so much fun. They played duck duck goose, did the Limbo, had a pinata, then built their animal and had cake. It was a great time and I didn't have to clean up. My girlfrends Heidi and Sandi stayed and helped me and they was awesome! Also, my friend Ria came and hung out and took pics for me. Now I am getting ready for bunco at my house next Friday. Then Greg will be competing in the World Long Drive event again this year the week of the 20th thru the 25th. Wish us luck, it is a lot of money in the pot this year and mama needs a new pair of shoes! Ha ha ha! And then Halloween! Stayed tuned for some haunting photos! More than likely Greg on sugar!

It's Soccer Time! Well, we finally made it this year. Every year since we have lived here I miss signing Griffin up for soccer because we are out in California. Well, not this year thanks to my friend Jill Hardman! She called us while we were in California and reminded me. She got me all of the info and we got signed up at the last minute! We love it too! I am officially a soccer mom (without the minivan). We are on a team with other boys in our neighborhood, practice right down the street at our new local park once a week and play one game on Saturdays. And we lucked out, we do not have any early games, and if you know me and the kids, you know we do not get up early. So later morning games are great for us. Again, a shout out to Jill, thank you so much for remembering us! We really appreciate it more than you know.