Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School!
Well, the big day has finally arrived. Griffin got ready for his first big day of school. He was very excited and wanted to ride the bus. They only have half day kindergarten out here, so luckily he got the afternoon session. And as you all know, we like to sleep late here at the Walker house. Savanna also started her second year of preschool. So I drop off Griffin at the bus and then drive her to school. Then I pick her up and we go home until it is time to get Griff from the bus stop. It has been 102 degrees on average here for the past couple of weeks, so he gets hot and I send a ice/water bottle for him. We are also still doing karate and Griffin is now an orange belt. He is also signed up to start on a neighborhood soccer team in September and Savanna and her friend Mei Li may start a dance class once a week. I am really busy and can not keep all of the new times straight! We went to karate at the wrong time one day last week already! Bruzer is doing great and Greg is starting the process this year for qualifying for the World Long Drive event again. Hope all is well with everyone and hope you enjoy the first day of school pictures. Stephanie

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It has been a while since I posted, but we left for CA, got stuck there for an extra 8 days (my car had to get a new short block engine). Then we finally got home, had a week before school started and we having been running every since. These are the pics from our California trip. We had so much fun. We stayed at my mom's. Went up to my dad's in Placerville where the kids played with all of their animals (dog, cats, rabbits, ferrets), went on our friend Dave's boat on Lake Clementine. Then my mom and I took the kids to Marine World and to the ocean. The kids also had their first trip to a Chucky Cheese out there. We saw friends, BBQ'd and went out to eat at our old haunts. Loved it and had a blast, miss everyone very much. Enjoy the pics!